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Sharpen Your Craft | Vedcraft Tech Newsletter - November 2021

Sharpen Your Craft | Vedcraft Tech Newsletter - November 2021
By Vedcraft Team • Issue #11 • View online
“One place for Software Architects” is our mantra and the purpose of this newsletter is to provide summarized articles on a monthly basis for technical leads, software architects, software designers, senior software engineers, and more.
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Video Blogs Published by Vedcraft
Top Articles Published on Vedcraft
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5 Awesome Views of Kubernetes Architecture - Vedcraft
Top 10 Tips You Should Know As A Modern Software Architect - Vedcraft
Key Articles Getting Popular
AWS App Mesh vs. Istio: A Comparison Of Service Mesh - Vedcraft
5 Books Every Software Architect Should Read - Vedcraft
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Technology Events
Technology events help to build broader technical knowledge. Know about Q4 2021 key technology events by clicking here with consolidated access to past recordings, and more.
Recording available for below events:
EclipseCon 2021 (Sep 2021)
ObservabilityCON | Grafana Observability Conference (Nov 2021)
SupplyChainSecurityCon - CD Foundation (Nov 2021)
DevOps Loop (Oct  2021)
Upcoming events:
Industry Reports
This section highlights key industry reports published in the recent past:
Announcing DORA 2021 Accelerate State of DevOps report (Sep 2021)
The 2021 machine learning, AI, and data landscape | VentureBeat (Oct 2021)
The State of the Octoverse | by GitHub (Nov 2021)
Architecture Articles/News You Should Not Miss
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Vedcraft YouTube Channel
Vedcraft YouTube Channel
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